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March Updates from the Secretary

· March 17, 2014 Stated meeting followed by Craft Club meeting
· March 18, 2014 Blood Drive
· March 22, 2014 Jr. ROTC Pancake Breakfast
· March 22, 2014 One Day Class Meeting for candidates and mentors
· March 24, 2014, Special for Degree Work 7:00 pm
· March 27, 2014 Thursday Aladdin Shrine Circus – Through March 30th
· March 29, 2014 Scottish Rite Saturday VOC Local Degree Experience in Marion
· March 31, 2014, Special for Degree Work 7:00 pm
· April 5, 2014 Lodge Breakfast
· April 5, 2014 Grand Lodge of Ohio One-Day Class Statewide
· April 5, 2014 Special Needs Prom at York County Club
· April 6, 2014 VA Visitation in Chillicothe (rescheduled) 1pm-3:15pm
· April 7, 2014 Stated Meeting
· April 8, 2014 Luther B Turner Inspection
· April 12, 2014 “SYSK II” Class at Grove City Lodge
· April 12, 2014 Yellow Dog Degree at Ralph R. Rickly
· April 15, 2014 Blood Drive
· April 21, 2014 Stated Meeting/ Craft Club following
· April 21, 2014 OMH Presentation by Brother Mark Harris at stated meeting
· April 26, 2014 Chili Cook-Off 5:30pm
· April 28, 2014 Monday Masonic Night at Aladdin Shrine – MM Degree
· May 3, 2014 Lodge Breakfast
· May 3, 2014 Scottish Rite, Saturday VOC Local Degree Experience in Chillicothe
· May 5, 2014 Stated Meeting
· May 13, 2014 Temple Company meeting
· May 19, 2014 Stated Meeting followed by Craft Club Meeting
· May 20, 2014 Blood Drive
· June 2, 2014 Stated Meeting
· June 7, 2014 Lodge Breakfast Donations to Special Olympics
· June 9, 2014 Past Master’s Night
· June 10, 2014 Temple Company Meeting
· June 13, 2014, Lodge Family Picnic with O.E.S.
· June 16, 2014 Stated meeting followed by Craft Club Meeting
· June 24th 2014: Tri Lodge Festival of St. John the Baptist – Table Lodge
· June 27, 2014, Opening Ceremony for Special Olympics
· July 12, 2014 Deputy Grand Master Rollout
· September 1, 2014, Labor Day meeting
· November 3, 2014, Annual Meeting (Elections; Dues deadline)
· Historical Museum Open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Daily

Happy New Year 2014

2014 is here and brings many Masonic activities with it. Aside from Inspection season kicking off soon, we already have a long list from the Secretary to keep us busy:

·         January 13, 2014, Special for Degree Work 7:00 PM

·         January 14, 2014, Temple Company Meeting 7:00 PM

·         January 18, 2014, Inspection Mt Sterling #269

·         January 20, 2013, Stated Meeting / Fellowcraft Club Meeting following stated meeting

·         January 21, 2013, Red Cross Blood Drive

·         January 21, 2014 CCHS Comets – Special Olympic Basketball warm-up at 6:00 game 6:30 PM

·         Super Bowl Sub Sale January 25, 2014, Orders due to Ed Goldhardt; The work days will be Tuesday, January 28, Wednesday, January 29, and Thursday, January 30. All starting at 9:00 each day.  Remember, Tuesday is peppers day. Wednesday is lettuce, onions, and tomato day.  Thursday is assembly day and start of order pickups

·         February 3, 2014 Stated Meeting

·         February 8, 2014 Open House from 1:00 to 4:00 PM

·         February 11, 2014 Temple Company Meeting 7:00 PM

·         February 17, 2014 Stated Meeting / Fellowcraft Club Meeting following Stated Meeting

·         February 18, 2014 Red Cross Blood Drive

·         February 20, 2014 CCHS Comets – Special Olympic Basketball warm-up at 6:30 game 7:00 PM

·         February 27, 2014 14th District Officers Association Meeting Avery Lodge 7:00 PM

·         March 2, 2014, VA Visitation, with the following Lodges assigned: Grove City #689, Lockbourne #232, and Groveport #240 The visit is from 1:00 – 3:15 p.m. The 1st Lodge listed is the organizational lodge and will contact the representatives of the other Lodges to arrange what to bring. Six dozen of each of the following fruits; Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and about 12 dozen cookies are appreciated for refreshments for the patients.

·         March 8, 2014 is the date for the 14th District Grand Master’s Reception. it has been planned for Saturday, March 8th at the Villa Milano Restaurant, 1630 Schrock Road. The doors will open at 5:00 p.m. for Social Hour and the dinner will begin after introductions of Grand Lodge Officers at 6:15 p.m.  All reservations are to go through your Lodge Secretary. The cost is $38.00 per person until February 15th. After that date, from the 16th until the 28th, the cost is $45.00 per person and the deadline for ALL reservations is February 28th.

·         March 10, 2014, Annual  Inspection (MM Degree) Dinner at 6:15 and Lodge opens in MM Degree at 7:00 pm

·         April 5, 2014, Grand Lodge of Ohio One-Day Class Statewide

We also received the following information from the Order of Eastern Star:

Please let your membership know that the Grove City Eastern Star Chapter will be holding their third annual Family Games Party this Saturday (Jan. 11th) at the lodge from 10:00-2:00.  Admission is $1.00 and lunch at noon $5.00.  They can put together a table of four to play any type of games, scrabble, bridge, eucher…bring the kids and grandkids  and enjoy the fun and fellowship with our members.  The chapter will hold a bake sale, where they can purchase breakfast items to eat while they play, dessert to go with their soup and sandwich lunch and wonderful homemade goodies to take home.  There will be door prizes throughout the day.

Hope to see many of your Brothers and their families on Saturday where they can purchase tickets at the door! -Cindy

One Day Class information

Coming soon to a Shrine near you … the 2013 Grand Master’s One Day Class. We are excited to have so many men who will be joining us as Master Masons and Brothers. I have heard that GC Lodge alone has more candidates for the ODC than at least one other entire district. That is fantastic and gives everyone a lot to be proud of.

We hope that everyone who plans to attend for degrees has most of the pertinent info you need by now. If not contact any Mason from GC Lodge you may know; or the lodge secretary from the contacts page on this website.

PLEASE everyone, candidates and “Master Craftsmen” alike, plan to attend the informational meeting at 10:30 on Saturday, May 4th. This will be very important in getting out the full schedule to everyone, any last minute planning, and answering any questions. We encourage you to eat breakfast first, served from 8-10:00.

Help! If any available MM’s have not signed up as a “Master Craftsman” (candidate mentor) and desire to do so then please do it asap. We will also need kitchen/cafeteria clean up helpers after the 5/4 breakfast due to most of the men going upstairs to the ODC meeting at 10:30.

One more thing for candidates … the manner in which you receive your degrees is 100% your choice. If you have signed up for the ODC, that’s great. But  never think that you are “forced” into the ODC just to save us time or inconvenience. Quiet the opposite, we would love to work all degrees for you; it’s what we do best! So, there is no problem with backing out of the ODC at any time. Just let someone know that you would like to continue the traditional way and we will make that happen, albeit at a slower pace!

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